Scholarship Fund Donations

The Canadian Fire Safety Scholarship Fund is to engage in, assist and contribute to promote the development, diffusion, and application of knowledge to the advancement of all forms of fire safety in Canada; to promote, foster and stimulate the study of fire safety and research therein; and, to furnish encouragement, aid, guidance, support and financial assistance to qualified persons who desire to make their careers in the field of fire safety. Each year the CFSA gives away multiple scholarships for various programs representing the diversity of fire protection (i.e., Codes and Standards Technology, Fire Alarm System Technology, Fire Suppression Technology, etc.) for students enrolled in a full-time Fire Protection Technology program.

Make a donation today to positively impact a student enrolled in a Fire Protection Technology program!

Companies that participated in our 2021 Scholarship Program are not eligible to earn tickets in this year’s raffle.

Direct Donation Mail/Fax Donations (pdf)

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