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Fire Protection Adviser

Fire Protection Adviser

The Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) is seeking a Fire Protection Adviser to provide consultative expertise, leadership, advice, issues resolution and training on a range of fire and life safety matters, fire-related legislation and other services to local municipalities, other levels of government, fire departments, unincorporated communities and internal/external stakeholders.

The Ministry

The Ministry of the Solicitor General is responsible for the safety and security of communities across Ontario through effective policing, correctional services and emergency services programs. The ministry promotes policing excellence by communicating with, and providing advice to, the police community, as well as through training, developing professional standards and establishing new programs. The Ontario Provincial Police provides front-line policing services to more than 400 municipal and First Nations communities. The ministry is also responsible for maintaining effective and efficient correctional programs that create an environment where offenders are better able to return to the community and make positive contributions to society. Through the work of the Office of the Chief Coroner, the Office of the Fire Marshal, the Centre of Forensic Sciences and Emergency Management Ontario, the ministry seeks to minimize or eliminate hazards to people and property.

The Office

The primary function of the OFM is to minimize the loss of life and property from fire by assisting municipalities and fire departments to improve fire protection and fire prevention services. By administering the Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997, the OFM supports the functions of municipal fire departments through a variety of advisory, training and instructional programs. The OFM also advises the Ontario government on standards and legislative developments that relate to fire protection and fire prevention. The OFM distributes a variety of publications for use by the Ontario Fire Service, i.e. Ontario Fire Service Messenger and the Fire Marshal's Communique. The OFM administers an awards program for Ontario firefighters and presents annual fire safety awards to citizens, firefighters and organizations under the sponsorship of the Fire Marshal's Public Fire Safety Council.

Why work for the Ontario Public Service?

The Ontario Public Service (OPS) is committed to being an employer of first choice, creating a positive and inclusive work environment.

We offer:

• Competitive compensation and benefits

• Flexible work arrangements, including flexible hours, telework (remote work), compressed work week, or job sharing (if applicable)

• Collegial and professional work culture

• Career growth and development opportunities across multiple business areas

• On-the-job training to support your success in the role

What can I expect to do in this role?

In this role, you will:

• Provide fire protection and life safety advisory services and programs

• Provide information and advice regarding legislative requirements as it relates to the fire service in Ontario

• Act as OFM's primary local contact and liaison with municipal governments, the fire service, other government agencies and the public

• Conduct reviews of fire prevention and emergency response practices, post-incident building audits and inspection of emergency scenes

• Monitor, review and assess fire protection services and programs delivered by municipalities/communities

• Assess deficiencies, identify trends and provide recommendations on development of legislation, policies and planning

• Conduct assigned fire inspections and prepare various types of inspection reports and orders

• Gather and analyze information related to emergency services and fire protection, including emergency response data

• Provide theoretical and practical education, training and information sessions

• Perform administrative duties in District and Regional Offices

Please Note: The Regional Office for this position is located in Sudbury, Ontario; the successful candidate will be required to travel to the Sudbury office for training/meetings, as required, but the position will be located in Sault Ste. Marie.

Location: Sault Ste. Marie

How do I qualify?


• Valid Ontario class “G” driver's licence

Technical Knowledge

You have:

• Knowledge of fire protection service delivery systems and practices

• Knowledge of fire sciences, fire and life safety principles, theories, techniques, methods and practices to develop and deliver fire prevention programs, fire public safety education programs, fire suppression techniques and equipment, fire service training programs and fire department administration and management

• Knowledge of fire inspection methods and techniques, building construction and built-in systems to conduct fire inspections of hotels, nursing homes, homes for the aged and special care facilities

• Knowledge of governance issues relating to municipal, regional and other forms of government and the relationship of fire departments within those structures

• Knowledge of mandate of the Office of the Fire Marshal, relevant federal, provincial and municipal legislation (e.g. Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Fire Protection and Prevention Act and Ontario Fire Code, Municipal Act, Building Code Act and Ontario Building Code, Occupational Health and Safety Act, and Health and Safety Guidelines) in order to provide advice and assistance in applying legislation, standards and best practices

Leadership and Communication Skills

You have:

• Knowledge of adult education theory, principles, practices and training methods to provide education, training and information sessions to a variety of stakeholders

• Communication and interpersonal skills to effectively deal with a variety of contacts

• Written communication skills to prepare status reports, issue notes, post-incident building audits and inspection reports, presentations, municipal fire service reviews, activity reports and letters regarding information, processes and legislative requirements

Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills

You can:

• Apply knowledge of risk assessment and management principles and auditing practices

• Identify gaps in program and service delivery, trends, and existing and emerging issues

• Evaluate a range of issues and challenges faced by fire service providers and provide appropriate advice

Computer Skills

• You are proficient with various software programs (e.g. word processing, spreadsheet, PowerPoint) to prepare reports, municipal reviews and survey documents, training programs, presentations and data maintenance

Salary Range: $1,439.53 - $1,758.59 Per Week

Additional Information:

·1 Permanent, 742 Great Northern Rd, Sault Ste Marie, North Region, Criminal Record Check


·In accordance with the Ontario Public Service (OPS), Employment Screening Checks Policy (ESCP), the top candidate(s) may be required to undergo a security screening check. Refer to the above to determine the screening checks that are required for this position.

Required security screening checks along with your written consent, will be sent to the Transition and Security Office (TSO), Talent Acquisition Branch (TAB), HR Service Delivery Division (HRSDD) to evaluate the results. If applicable, the TSO, with your written consent, will request and obtain any additional employment screening checks that were not obtained directly by you.

A record under the Criminal Code and/or other federal offence record(s) does not automatically mean you will be ineligible for the position. The employment screening check(s) will only be reviewed and evaluated by the TSO for the purpose of making a security clearance decision. The details of an individual's employment screening check(s) will be considered in specific relation to the duties and responsibilities of the position being filled. Employment screening check records will be maintained by the TSO and kept strictly confidential.

·The information that you provide for the purpose of this competition and the results from this competition may be used to fill other positions. These positions may be of various tenures, including short-term assignments. Your information and the results from this competition will be retained for the purpose of filling vacancies in accordance with the applicable collective agreement or policy provisions.

Please apply online, only,, quoting Job ID 162644, by Thursday, April 29, 2021. Please follow the instructions to submit your application. Faxes are not being accepted at this time.

If you require accommodation in order to participate in the recruitment process, please contact us at to provide your contact information. Recruitment Services staff will contact you within 48 hours. Only those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

The Ontario Public Service is an inclusive employer. Accommodation will be provided in accordance with Ontario’s Human Rights Code.

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