Terry Von Zuben

Autism Canada

Wednesday, April 10
1:45pm to 2:30pm

Accommodating Neurodiverse Occupants During Fire Emergencies - Helping those with Cognitive Disabilities survive a Fire

Presenting crucial insights to Fire and Life Safety Professionals on addressing the unique challenges faced by autistic and neurodiverse individuals during fire emergencies. Unveil the barriers created by existing Smoke and Fire Alarm standards for those with Cognitive Developmental Disorders. Explore viable solutions and advocate for amendments to ULC standards and Test, Inspect, and Maintenance requirements. Enhance evacuation compliance and outcomes in Residential, Commercial, and Assembly Occupancies, fostering a safer environment for all.

With over 30 years in Fire Service and Law Enforcement, Terry Von Zuben brings extensive experience as a Provincial Security Officer, Firefighter, Fire Prevention Officer, and, most recently, a Fire and Life Safety Educator. Passionate about promoting public safety, especially for neurodiverse populations, Terry, diagnosed with Autism during his firefighting career, offers a unique perspective. Starting in the Canadian Armed Forces (Navy), he later joined the Ontario Legislative Security Service, serving at the Center of Forensic Sciences and the Ontario Legislature for twelve years before joining Whitby Fire and Emergency Services.

Terry and his Service Dog Molly dedicate spare time to assist Municipal Fire Departments, promote fire safety, and pursue their passion for cycling, covering thousands of miles in Ontario each year.