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Phil Friday

Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc.

A Large-Scale Sprinklered Fire Test Series of Lithium-ion Batteries in an ASRS Racking Configuration

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Chief Matthew Pegg

Toronto Fire Services (TFS)

Good Sleep Requires Shiny Shoes - Life and leadership Lessons Learned the hard way


Mike Clouthier


Benefits and Applications of Thermography in Prevention of Fire

Tess Espejo

UL Solutions

Fire Hazards of Lithium-ion Batteries and Regulatory Initiatives to Mitigate Them

James Gollinveaux

Viking Group

Leadership in the Fire Sprinkler Industry



John McBeth

Office of the Fire Marshal

OFM on Key Initiatives and Projects

Rhiannon Todd


Change of Use in the Ontario Building Code

Terry Von Zuben

Autism Canada

Accommodating Neurodiverse Occupants During Fire Emergencies - Helping those with Cognitive Disabilities Survive a Fire




This forum will attract over 200 attendees from across Canada made up of architects, engineers, fire officials, property managers, building code officials, fire protection consultants, manufacturers, government and academia.

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