October 24, 2022 - Blog Post

50th Anniversary for Seneca College

Author: Scott Pugsley, SET, FPET

The School of Fire Protection Engineering Technology (SFPET) at Seneca College is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The SFPET program has graduated thousands of students since its inception in 1972. The founding Program Coordinator Stanley T. Murray established the program as an expansion from within the Mechanical Engineering program. The SFPET program has grown to include both full-time and part-time studies, along with several individual certificate programs. Additionally SFPET has proudly seen their graduates go on to become successful executives, engineers, technologists, code consultants, fire alarm and sprinkler system designers, firefighters, Fire Prevention Officers and Chief Fire Officers. 

Seneca’s Fire Protection Engineering Technology programs continue to be a North American benchmark in providing a comprehensive fire protection engineering education, combining the best aspects of prevention, protection and fire suppression within lab and lecture delivery, offered in person and virtually for students located around the world. 

Over the last 50 years, much has changed, yet Seneca’s focus remains to build on its record of academic excellence by expanding and enhancing the learning experience so students can obtain a strong foundation to propel them into their chosen professional field.  Seneca’s Newnham Campus, one of the largest college campuses in Canada, is the home of the SFPET program.  SFPET provides specialized 2 and 3 year academic programs and industry certification courses that regularly make use of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities under the guidance of professors and industry practitioners in the fire sciences labs.  For instance, within the industry of fire sprinklers, students gain practical experience with more than 20 unique courses, ranging from Introductory and Advanced Sprinklers, Sprinkler System Design and Calculations, Stocklisting, Fire Pumps, along with Plans Examination, Building and Fire Code classes.

To support this in-depth learning, SFPET has created some of the largest laboratories and classrooms in North America.  The SFPET’s motto is “Quietly Saving Lives”, with a strong emphasis on hands-on learning matched with exceptional industry partnerships, SFPET remain some of the most well-known and respected Fire Protection Schools internationally. SFPET continues to grow with new and unique partnerships that include the Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management, along with the National FireProtection Association (NFPA).

For more information, or to hire a graduate, or a current student for part-time work, please contact Scott Pugsley, Professor and Industry Coordinator at



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