January 13, 2023 - Fire Safety News

A Call for Guest Bloggers

Throughout Canada, there is some amazing advancements impacting fire safety, and we want to hear about them.  We would love to hear about your fire safety research, lessons learned and new initiatives that focuses on fire safety, through the lens of prevention, preparedness, mitigation and response.

We are seeking guest bloggers who are interested in submitting informative content about fire safety related projects, fire service initiatives, fire engineering research, lessons learned, news, or other engaging and timely topics.

I have the privilege of contributing to the Canadian Fire Safety Association (CFSA) in the role of volunteer director and work alongside remarkable industry leaders, all passionate about fire safety.  The CFSA is a non-profit organization established in 1971, to promote fire safety through the use of seminars, safety training courses, informative newsletters, scholarships, and regular meetings.


Our membership represents a broad cross section of government, business, and education including Architects, Engineers, Fire Officials, Fire Prevention and Building Officials, Fire Protection Consultants, Manufacturers, the Insurance Industry, Teachers and Students.

Each month, CFSA will focus on a guest blogger and will share their article on the CFSA website and distribute it Canada-wide within the new “digital”, monthly newsletter. This newsletter aims to bring timely news, professional development opportunities, articles of interest and more to the fire safety community. To see past issues of the CFSA digital newsletter, kindly see HERE

We are actively looking for research / articles, of interest articles and blogs, fire safety and prevention initiatives and more.  In fact, we want to hear from both leadership and “boots on the ground” from across Canada.

CFSA will continue to provide a Canadian Forum for anyone interested in fire safety regardless of vocation, academic or professional qualifications. CFSA Members have been instrumental in evaluating and recommending new Canadian fire safety standards across this great nation, and we want to hear from you!

If the guest blogger opportunity with the CFSA is of interest, please visit HERE and contact us !

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We look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for sharing your submissions!


Jason Reid




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