March 21, 2024 - Blog Post

Lithium Ion Battery Fires: Ontario Fire Departments seeking data

A total of 55 fires in Toronto last year (2023) that resulted from the failure of lithium-ion batteries. In New York City, they continue to see the same rise in incidents with evidence continuing the first several weeks of 2024.  Last year in NY, there were 267 lithium-ion battery fires, sadly killing 18 people and injuring 150.

Building and facility Fire Safety Plans, and facility risk management programs across Canada are being updated this year, (as they are required to be every year,) to assist and support Facility Managers, building Owners, Apartment Owners, Condominium Corporations in their safety and risk management programs, and occupant awareness and this is just one area of significant focus for 2024. 

When these Fire Safety Plans / Programs are properly reviewed and up to date, followed by "implementation" of the plan each and every 12 months - our communities, our employees, our residents - all reap those safety and operational benefits immediately.

For residential homes, not required to have a fire safety plan / program, the education and awareness of our communities remains key, and Fire Departments across Canada have moved awareness and education campaigns forward to address these trends.  

As part of this awareness and education in Ontario, the Office of the Fire Marshal has released a form for all Fire Services to be used by fire departments to submit key elements on fires that are believed to have been caused by lithium batteries, no matter the size, related damage or whether the OFM was dispatched to investigate.  See the form here, and thanks to the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs for posting.

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