November 15, 2023 - Blog Post

Preventing Fires at Construction Sites

Author: Larry Brassard, Griffin Protective Services


Preventing fires at construction sites is crucial for the safety of workers, communities, and the protection of valuable assets. Several high-profile fires in Ontario this year highlight the need for proper preventive measures to be put in place.  Fire prevention measures can be implemented by the passage of local by-laws or stipulated in certain agreements such as subdivision agreements with developers long before construction begins. These provisions can include:

1.    Mandatory Site Inspection and Risk Assessments:
2.    Debris Management:
3.    Proper Storage of Flammable Liquids and Gases (including Propane):
4.    Firebreaks and Separation:
5.    Equipment Maintenance:
6.    Fire Extinguishers and Emergency Equipment:
7.    Emergency Response Plan:
8.    Training and Awareness:
9.    Hot Work Permits:
10.    Fire-resistant Construction Materials:
11.    Supervision and Security:
12.    Communication and Coordination:

Also, by mandating a minimum of “first coat” provisions for road surfacing, and the commissioning of water servicing including fire hydrants before the use of combustible construction materials on site, developers can help local fire services attain some strategic advantage in case a fire DOES occur. 

By implementing these measures, construction sites can significantly reduce the risk of fires and enhance overall safety. Regular training, ongoing vigilance, and adherence to safety protocols are essential components of a successful fire prevention strategy.

Larry Brassard
Griffin Protective Services

Tag(s): Fire Safety

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