President’s Message

In my first Presidents message I wanted to ensure to thank David Morris, our now Past-President for his work during the 2016-2018 term as President, as well as within our previous Vice-President, and Board of Director roles. Additionally, I would like to thank all the past elected officers and members of the Board of Directors for their contributions during their various terms and levels of involvement while in these very important volunteer positions.

I would also like to provide a personal and special thank you to another Past-President, Nickolas (Nick) Webb. Nick passed away on April 10th, 2018. He served his country, and community in a variety of Fire and Life Safety positions during his lifetime. Within the Canadian Fire Safety Association (CFSA), he served as a Board member, Vice-President(s) and President. His support and dedication has helped so many people and for that we will be eternally grateful.

As we begin the 2018 – 2019 new term for the CFSA Directors, I am very happy to stand alongside such a passionate group of like-minded individuals. I have been consistently drawn to the CFSA because of its wide span and reach within the Fire Safety community. This has never been more evident as we have just concluded our Annual Education Forum. Within this day long forum format we have members attending that represent all areas of the Fire Service, as well as fire protection, prevention, risk management, Building and Fire Code Consultants. The CFSA does not represent one singular group, trade or sector of the Fire Industry. With such a wide span, we can help to support some many different areas all across Canada.

Within future messages I look forward to providing you with a greater review of our history, our current work, and most importantly; what we are working on for the future. With new initiatives to begin shortly you can expect to see the CFSA continue to support its members with more education seminars, enhanced member interaction, a NextGen group and more student level involvements.

In the meantime be sure to follow the activity of the CFSA on Twitter @CFSA_Canada. Additionally, please feel free to contact me at any time


Scott Pugsley
CFSA President

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