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National Research Council

Corporate Member Since -0001
Ottawa, ON

Nick Yu
Ye Carrier

Norris Fire Consulting Inc

Corporate Member Since 2021
Pickering, ON

Michael Norris
Tyson Eastgate
Zef Pepaj
Soojin Kim
Sohail Madida
Jacob Cooper

Oakville Fire Department

Corporate Member Since 1999
Oakville, ON

Gary Laframboise
Max Bertling
Jonathan O'Neil

Office of The Fire Marshal & Emergency Management

Corporate Member Since 1998
Toronto, ON

Mary Prencipe

Offside Technologies Corp

Corporate Plus Member Since 2020
Oshawa, ON

Mark Ainsworth
Stephen Ainsworth

OFS Fire Prevention

Corporate Member Since 1998
(705) 728-5289
Barrie, ON

Jeff Ough
Ed Herron
Cale McLean

Ontario Fire Prevention Services

Corporate Member Since 2020
Niagara Falls, ON

Andrew Sorgenfrei
Cherie Provost


Corporate Member Since 2001
(416) 293-0993
Toronto, ON

John Sharpe
Jeffrey Zamora

Seneca College, School of Fire Protection Engineering Technology

Corporate Plus Member Since 1971
(416) 491-5050
Toronto, ON

Scott Pugsley
Derek Gruchy
Aneetha Vairavanathan
Sarah Osborne
Hadi Majzoub
Derek Deonandan

Siemens Canada Limited

Corporate Member Since 1969
Oakville, ON

Jeffry Tondang
Manuel Lopes

Toronto Community Housing Corp.

Corporate Member Since 2019
Toronto, ON

Tim Daley
Michelle Laita
Ray Collins
Flora Pannunzio

Underwriters Laboratories of Canada

Corporate Member Since 1998
(416) 288-2269
Toronto, ON

Brian McBain
Sandy Leva